Student Information System

A Student Information System (SIS) manages student records and information. A SIS provide capabilities for registering students in courses, documenting grading, transcripts, results of student tests and other assessment scores, building student schedules, tracking student attendance, and managing many other student-related data needs in a school. SIS helps schools manage various operations including student data, administrative, and fundraising operations.

SIS products function across the educational spectrum, with teachers, students, and parents all having access to the platform. It creates an open line of communication between all parties, allowing for increased learning capabilities, knowledge sharing, and parent involvement. With a student information system, an entire staff is able to effectively record, track, and share student information across all channels, making for a more cohesive, organized school. With access to that information, teachers have the ability to share ideas about classroom management, assessment techniques, and special education programs.

Student Information Systems

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